Purchase Policy

Return Policy


All sales are final and there are no exchanges or refunds, with no exceptions. If an item is purchased directly off the sales floor, that product is the full responsibility of the purchaser. Any damage done to the product while in the purchaser's possession is the responsibility of the purchaser to correct. If merchandise is left unclaimed in the boutique 90 days past the original wear date, the merchandise becomes property of Ever After Bridal and any payments are forfeited. The purchaser is responsible to inform Ever After Bridal if the original wear date has changed.


Order Procedures


Once the client has selected the desired style, color, fabric, and size, a signed copy of this Policy Form will be completed. Because all gowns and dresses are made to order, all products require 75% of the total invoice paid before the order can be placed. Once a gown has been ordered, no changes to the gown (color, size, fabric, etc.) can be made. Production of all products cannot be stopped once an order has been placed. The purchaser is responsible for the remaining 25% of the invoice total once the product arrives. If the purchaser no longer wishes to pay that 25%, the merchandise becomes property of Ever After Bridal and any payments are forfeited. All purchases are subject to additional shipping fees if required by the designer/manufacturer.


Sizing Policy


Each of our designers has a specific size chart that will be used to recommend an order size. Specific measurements (ex. bust, waist, hip) are required to determine order size. An Ever After Bridal employee will make a size recommendation based on these measurements and the designer size chart. Size is determined by your largest measurement; therefore, alterations are almost always required. We highly recommend choosing a larger size if your measurements fall between multiple sizes. We require that the customer/purchaser sign off on their size before an order can be placed. If a customer/purchaser chooses a different size than the size recommended by an employee, Ever After Bridal is not responsible for any alterations or replacements needed for the garment to fit properly.


Fabric Policy


Textile fabrications may contain variations and irregularities which are inherent in fine silk-based materials. These characteristics enhance the natural beauty of the fabric and in no way should be treated as defects. Please note that fabric color may vary due to variations of dye lots and may not be the exact color that was selected from the color card or swatch.


Alterations Policy


Alterations are not included in the price of any purchased garment. Ever After Bridal will not cover the cost of alterations in any circumstance. Ever After Bridal will provide local alterations recommendations to all customers. These recommended seamstresses work with Ever After Bridal, not for Ever After Bridal. Therefore, Ever After Bridal is not financially responsible for any actions taken by these seamstresses. Please remember that our gowns are made to order, they are not custom-made to your measurements. Therefore, alterations will likely be required. The customer is responsible for contacting and scheduling your appointment with any seamstress. All of our recommended seamstresses work exclusively by appointment. Ever After Bridal employees will offer broad alterations estimates, but those estimates are general and subject to change at the time of alterations. Ever After Bridal is not responsible for additional alterations or changes made by any customer. Alterations require a minimum of 14 days to complete and no garment will be ordered that does not accommodate this timeline.




Standard bridal production requires 4-8 months to manufacture and ship an ordered garment. We recommend all brides order their gowns a minimum of 9 months before their wedding date to accommodate this timeline. All rush orders are subject to additional charges. All customers are subject to additional shipping fees if required by the designer/manufacturer. Items can be shipped directly to customers, upon their request. Directly shipped merchandise will be subject to additional shipping fees as well as standard delivery fees. PROM POLICY Ever After Bridal will not register your prom gown to a specific area school. If requested by the customer, we will make note of dress style and color. This notation is not a registry and will not deter any customer from purchasing the same style or color. Ever After Bridal is not responsible to monitor local or national prom gown sales, and is not responsible if someone is wearing the same style or color gown at the customer's event. Ever After Bridal is not responsible for any alteration necessary to the gown upon arrival. Ever After Bridal is not responsible for any damage that may occur while attending a prom/event.