How to be the best Maid of Honor ever:

Well hello beautiful babes! So your bestie is getting married and has asked you to be apart in the most creative way (seriously, we love how adorable these bridesmaid proposals are) and you have never been more excited to stand beside her on her big day. It’s the most exciting time of her life but lets face it – the wedding planning process can get pretty stressful.

The bridal party makes the whole process more fun! A few things to keep in mind when you "say yes!" to be apart of the wedding is first and foremost, keep in mind that this isn't about you. One day will be your day - if you haven't already tied the knot and you will want to receive the same support and love. So no matter what decision the bride makes (whose Maid of Honor, what dress she wants you to wear, where the bachelorette party is) that you may or may not agree with.. your job is to stand beside her with a smile on your face. Of course your bride may ask for your trusted opinion, however, this is her big day and the last thing she needs to worry about is negativity from her main girls! Second, it can be pricey to be a bridesmaid. Make sure you are financially able to make this commitment.

Maid of Honor! Your person, your sister, your best friend in the whole wide world.. this is your time to show up for your newly engaged bestie. Your involvement in the planning process souly depends on your bride.. She may want you to attend every vendor meeting, or is totally cool with filling you in on the deets after. However, there are a few things that are expected pretty much across the board when accepting this role..

Being the most supportive bestie in the world:

We know, we know.. this is a no brainer. You know the bride better than anyone and it’s important to talk with her upfront of how involved she wants you to be. She may want you to attend every meeting or might give you other ways to make her life easier. If she isn’t one to delegate tasks and rather tackles them herself – make a point to check in often about how you can help so she feels extra loved and supported.

Planning the bachelorette party:

You already know wether she’s a beach or mountain gal – but check in (obvi) with the bride to make sure she approves of your destination choice. Also, check in with the other bridesmaids about what they are able to spend. You don’t want the first conversation about budget to be after you’ve already booked an all inclusive resort in Napa! Also, you’ll cover the brides way. Decide if the bride wants to do bridesmaids gifts and help her find the perfect gift to fit the theme (thank you amazon.) We love sunnies for a beach getaway or matching jam jams and personalized cups to fit any theme!

Planning the bridal shower:

This is usually done in collaboration with the Mother of the Bride/Groom. Make sure to give plenty of notice in invites and keep the bride’s personality in mind.

Be game to give a speech:

Not every bride wants speeches at her wedding and some just want speeches from parents but many want the MOH and Best Man to give speeches! Start preparing months in advance because you’ll have a full plate wedding month.

A few other ways to be the best MOH ever:

· Order your dress on time

· Be the go-to gal for all bridal party questions

· Make a Wedding Day Survival Kit (advil, bobby pins, deodorant, snack bars, waters, etc.)

· Remind the bride to eat during the day! (No passing out during bridal portraits, please and thank you)

· Don’t let the groom see his girl unless they are doing a first look

There are so many ways to be there for your bride! How have you gone above for your main girl?

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