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Congrats, beautiful bride to be! At this point – you’ve said yes to the love of your life and depending how familiar you are with this whole wedding thing. you may already have your dream dress and venue - or you may be a complete newbie to this and have no clue where to start! Either way we’ve got you covered. from day of coordinating to more in-depth planning options from the queens in the wedding industry.

Where to begin:

The first meeting we want to get to know you! You’ll sit down with one of our rock star coordinators to decide which package fits you best. Don’t worry – we totally customize if you are in between. You’ll describe your vision, budget, and share your list of vendors. We will give you our preferred vendors list to fill the gaps of what you still need.

The second meeting we nail down the tiniest of details. By creating a timeline of your big day, you’ll know exactly what to expect. We’ll work together on a to-do list to make sure nothing is forgotten.

Your coordinator will be available to answer any questions during the planning process and give you the best tips and tricks to ensure a perfect day. She will provide an itinerary and confirm all vendors before your big day.

Who needs a coordinator:

Trick question! Every bride needs a coordinator and most venues require you to have one. A coordinator not only helps your day run smoothly by handling any mishaps that may arise (because hello 2020, we know they do from time to time!) She will be there to keep the day on schedule, not let the groomsman get too rowdy, button your dress to perfection, and assist your photographer! The list goes on and on because your coordinator wears many hats so you only have to worry about wearing your crown.

Coordinating Queen(s) Spotlight:

Kendra Collins and Zandra Welch are joining forces and have coordinated hundreds of weddings. They are the true OG's when it comes to day of coordinating. You will likely become besties during your planning meetings prior to your big day and will receive as much or as little expert advice as you need.

Stay tuned for the launch of our official packages and email with any and all questions about booking!

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